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  • Well, if you are fan of the content, and you want to see it continue to be produced, then I would recommend that you pay for it. I know it's easy to go out and find "free" bondage cafe material out there. There are lots of pirates out there that earn their living stealing from the people that actually create this stuff - but they don't create ANYTHING. They just steal it and resell it in the form of subscriptions to file lockers or tube sites. I will never be able to convince any of them not to do it. They make their living stealing - but I can implore anyone that actually is a fan of my work not to reward them for their piracy.

    I can only thank those that have supported me over the years and allowed me the opportunity to create this work. For you out there that have done so - I really can't thank you enough. Without you, this site would not exist.
  • The "Bondage Cafe" is the official website of Jim Weathers. It is a website catering to those interested in the most beautiful women, in glamorous bondage. If you like quality photos and videos of lingerie, fetish wear, super-high stiletto heels and nylons, this is the place for you. This site is all about people having fun getting tied up.

    This site is not about the dark side - if you are looking for that, you have come to the wrong place. There are lots of places on the internet that cater to people that want to demean women, or promote hurting people. This is not that place. Not at all. I've spent my career trying to show that bondage is about exploring boundaries and having a lot of fun doing it. The girls in this site enjoy being tied up, and I wouldn't have it any other way.
  • Jim Weathers is a man that enjoys seeing beautfiul women in fetish clothes. He also enjoys the art of ropes.

    In April of 2001 he started the Bondage Cafe.

    His work and style are instantly recognizable. He has won various awards for his tying (rigging) as well as his high-gloss photography and videography.

    Why did Jim quit a good paying job to branch out into the wild world of fetish? Jim explains:

    "I started in this business because at the time, I didn't see anyone doing the type of work that I could really relate to. My interests have always been very fetish oriented, but at the time, no one was really doing a good job of bringing that out to the public."

    "That was really what I brought to the table. The high-quality fetishwear, full fashioned nylons and true six inch stiletto heels are my trademark. I have a keen interest in photography and have created my own style."

    "I also have a keen interest in fun melodrama." Jim is considered to be one of the original creators of the "Superheroine Bondage" genre. "This part of my work will not change. O-girl will continue to be a Jim Weathers' trademark and you will see more of her in the future... :)"
  • There are two different lengths of memberships. 30 Day Membership: This membership is a recurring membership that runs for a period of 30 days. Credit card and online check members are automatically renewed unless they cancel their re-bill before the 30 day period. 90 Day Membership: This membership option is a single purchase item and does not rebill automatically. Once it has expired, you will need to sign up again.
  • I have two payment providers. You can choose either CCBill or Epoch. Both options are available by clicking on the join button.
  • At the front of the site, click on the member login button and enter your username and password and you should be set. If you don't have a username and password, email email Jim with your subscription number and we'll get you setup :)
  • You can go to CCBill.com or Epoch.com and cancel your subscription rebill at anytime. You will be able to access the site until your current membership ends. If you have problems canceling, please fell free to email me at any time and I'll take care of it for you. - but please give me at least 24 hours to cancel you. 90 Day memberships do not need to be canceled. They will automatically expire after the 90 day period.
  • If you have any problems at all, please email Jim immediately. Please include the problem you are having, the page address where you were when you got stuck and your subscription number or username.
  • CCBill and Epoch allow members to update all membership information. You will need to go to www.ccbill.com or Epoch.com and enter your subscription number and then you will be able to change whatever info you need to. If you can't find your subscription number or need further help, just email me.
  • You can either send me a private message here, or you can email me at [email protected] or [email protected]
  • No. All images, graphics videos and design on this website are not to be, under any circumstances, redistributed in any form without my prior written consent. All instances of this will be dealt with legally if need be. Please do not repost my work. I take this kind of thing *very* seriously and will prosecute those involved if necessary. I do not want my work to end up in the hands of people under 18 years of age. Please do not repost my work where I do not have control over who sees it.
  • Yes. All current video content is available to stream on the site.
  • Yes. All videos and picture sets that are current in rotation on the cafe can be downloaded.
  • No. This is one of those questions that I do get every once in awhile. There are a couple of reasons why I don't post everything I've ever done.

    1- It just isn't financially viable. You have to understand that this is subscription website. I post new material every week, as well as a good selection of archive material. All of it rotates in and out of the website. Posting everything I've ever done for the price that other folks charge for a single video just isn't going to allow me to continue to produce content, or run a site.

    2- Piracy. It is already a massive problem not just for me, but for any content producer. There are people out there that make money stealing other people's work. It's that simple. If I put everything I've ever posted up for download, someone out there would pirate it. It is just a fact of life. They don't care about how long it took to produce, how much it cost, the effort it took artistically and just time to make it all happen. They don't pay the models or build the sets, or do anything... but steal. As if it is some sort of right. It isn't free. Those folks are making money by selling subscriptions to file lockers, and they have ZERO overhead. Obviously being a criminal is a lot easier than actually creating something - which is why the motherfuckers exist. I really wish this weren't the case, but it is.
  • Yes. Pricing really greatly depends on your concept, the length and complexity of what you want produced and the model or models you want to star in it. For a estimate, send me over and email and I'll try to make it happen for you.
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