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Got a new scanner
Howdy all,

Well, I went out and got a new 35mm negative scanner. I say got a new one, but really, I haven't actually had a useful, working one in... good lord... maybe 15 years. From 1998 to 2002 I shot on film. And well, I scanned it with the technology available at the time - and at the size I figured would be required. So, basically badly and much lower res than I would ever have thought would be feasible. I mean just storing image scans that large was completely out of the question with the hard disk storage available at the time.

So anyway, while recapturing and putting together these twenty year old Andrea Neal scenes, I ran into an issue. I was missing the original scans (as small and not great as they were) for some scenes. So I decided to go out and get a new negative scanner so I could post the pictures that went with the video.

Funny thing about revisiting this stuff - turns out the quality of the images was a lot better than the original scans. So - I will be adding to the list... rescanning and editing of old (and when I say old, I mean old) pictures. This will actually accomplish a couple of things. It will fulfill the desires of a lot people that want to see some of the old stuff, and it will allow me to share stuff that has NEVER been seen. Stuff that was never scanned in the first place. Besides just extra pics that weren't included originally, there are some whole sets of pictures that have never been posted.

For those Andrea Neal O-girl fans, chapter 3 and 4 are redone and I'm working on the rest. Go and download those again. They are better than the redone ones I posts a couple of weeks ago.


Update: Just to give you and idea of what I've been laboring over...

Clips on Clips4Sale
Howdy everyone, I just wanted to let everyone know that for a short period of time, clips4sale is offering it's merchants (folks like me) no commission sales. So... if there is a clip that you are interested in that isn't on the cafe at present, please use the clips4sale link below to purchase it... thanks for your help and support during these very scary and trying times... Jim https://clips4sale.com/49861/jim-weathers/cid598991a447c1ac3688920682a5

Howdy all, I just wanted to pop in and wish everyone well during a very trying and scary time in our world. None of us has ever lived through anything that was so uncertain and frightening. The numbers all look really bad for the next few weeks, but hopefully, if we all do our best to distance ourselves as best we can, we can flatten the curve of infection. Take care folks. We will come out on the other end of this eventually. Jim

Howdy all,

I just wanted to say that the transition of the site from the old server to the new server was completed today. There was a little hiccup with passwords (I mean it can't go perfectly can it? - the answer is obviously NO, it can't), but all should now be resolved.

PLEASE let me know if you have any issues or problems!

Now, I can get back to working on my Dita archive update for tonight... Ciao!

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