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Models / Chrissy Marie

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Chrissy Marie Updates

wmbc20190127: Chrissy Marie - Framed
Chrissy Marie
Here is a really cool set i shot with Chrissy the last time she came out to shoot. I had a wild idea just pop into my head just before the shoot, and set up a frame for Chrissy to be tied within. I shot one other scene later with a load of pulleys, but this one was a little more straight forward. As...

Tags: All Natural Ball Gag Blonde Corset
wmbcv-1169: Chrissy Marie - Surprisingly Helpless
Chrissy Marie
Folks that have seen the various other bondage sets that I've shot with Miss Marie will know that she normally ends up in ridiculously difficult and very stringent positions. This is because she is one of those rare, very flexible girls that really likes to push herself. So the end result has generally...

Tags: All Natural Ball Gag blindford Blonde
wmbcv-1232: Chrissy Marie - Pulley Perversion
Chrissy Marie
I don't really know where this sort of concept comes from all the time. Maybe some bondage artwork from a couple of decades ago perhaps, or maybe something similar that I've done in the past? Honestly, probably a combination of all of that. I do know one thing. This isn't your standard, classic bondage...

Tags: All Natural Ball Gag Blonde Crotch Rope - Knotted
wmbcv-1301: Chrissy Marie - Red Racer
Chrissy Marie
Chrissy Marie finds herself in some seriously tight, elbows together bondage. Dressed in a sexy latex and pantyhose number, she struggles and squirms in some sexy black rope. Jim ties her to the couch, and then brings out the vibrator. She comes helplessly, moaning into her red ball gag. Tight ropes,...

Tags: All Natural Ball Gag Blonde Cheesecake
wmbcv-1306: Chrissy Marie - Corset Girl
Chrissy Marie
Chrissy does look, and move well in bondage. And when she is dressed to the nines, in a tight patent leather corset, black nylons, and stocking gloves, well, it is just that much more sexy. Then all that is needed is a powerful wand vibrator, and a little time for Chrissy to feel truly helpless - and...

Tags: All Natural armbinder Ball Gag Blonde
wmbcv-1325: Chrissy Marie
Chrissy Marie
I’ve said this before. One of the hardest things to do in the bondage world, is tie a vibrator to a girl. It doesn’t seem like it would be that difficult, but when you get right down to it, it is very challenging. The problem is that it has to stay put. It can’t move around at all. You have to...

Tags: All Natural Brunette Crotch Rope Gloves
wmbcv-1326: Chrissy Marie - Playsuit
Chrissy Marie
Chrissy Marie is certainly flexible, and loves bondage, and that helps her, because the ropes are very tight, and she is completely helpless. Dressed in a sexy, sheer Mosh playsuit, stockings, and black latex gloves, she does her best to get free, but it only gets harder when her foot bondage is connected...

Tags: All Natural Ball Gag Blonde Crotch Rope - Knotted
wmbcv-1327: Chrissy Marie - Doggy
Chrissy Marie
Chrissy Marie finds herself on the doggy cart. Dressed in a Black latex corselette, and shiny black pantyhose, she soon learns that the devious bondage device is particularly effective at delivering helpless orgasms. Sexy stuff as she struggles and whimpers. Yummy stuff indeed.

Tags: All Natural Blonde Corselette Crotch Rope
wmbcv-1333: The Adventures of UltraGirl - In the Clutches of the Black Cat - part 1
Chrissy Marie
Here is the first part of a two part custom video that I shot for SH Binder. He wrote the script and asked me if I would produce and direct it. It centers around his UltraGirl character (played by the tasty Chrissy Marie) and her attempts to bring Black Cat (The always delicious Ashley Lane) to justice....

Tags: Blonde Boots Cleave Gag Cosplay
wmbcv-1334: The Adventures of UltraGirl - In the Clutches of the Black Cat - part 2
Ashley Lane , Chrissy Marie
After enduring a night of helpless orgasms, UltraGirl (Chrissy Marie) finds herself strapped down to a table in Black Cat's (Ashley Lane) lair. Black Cat explains that if she won't submit to her, that she will end up a trophy, and opens the spout on a container suspended over UltraGirl. A thick, clear...

Tags: Ball Gag Blonde Cosplay Dilemma


Do you have an interview video with Chrissy?
Jim Weathers
I do not - but actually I was thinking along the same lines as you this week. I have a shoot scheduled with her next month - and I'm going to try to put that together :)
Mr TieTight
There is a vido missing with Chrissy, A tight hogtie she is wearing the red and black striped outfit and in it you say to her " someone told me you were flexible. Can we get that video back please.
Jim Weathers
That set was rotated out, but I've put it up for a bit so you can get it.
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