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Models / Gigi Allens

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Gigi Allens Updates

jwv0023: Gigi Allens - A Fetish Thing
Gigi Allens
Gigi has a thing for fetish. It is where her heart is. So when she gets all dolled up in a tight black latex dress and sheer pantyhose, she just can't control herself. She can't keep her hands away from the stretchy latex or the silky sheen of the black Platino pantyhose. She delights at looking at herself...

Tags: Blonde Cheesecake Dress Fingering
wmbcv-0836: Gigi Allens - A Flash of Inspiration
Gigi Allens
Doing this for such a long time, sometimes it is difficult to come up with new ideas. I mean you can only tie someone up so many different ways, right? But I guess everything is a deviation on something. In the case of this tie of Gigi, I was shooting some cheesecake pics and took a picture of her and...

Tags: Ball Gag Bed Blonde Gloves
wmbcv-0857: Gigi Allens - Parallels
Gigi Allens
The hands tied down to the thighs isn't new. I remember seeing it in old (and really bad) bondage mags from the seventies. However... those ties generally were bad. They didn't really work. Something that I found out when I started doing this whole bondage tying thing. If is isn't done correctly, the...

Tags: Ball Gag Blonde Catsuit Cheesecake
wmbcv-0863: Gigi Allens - Dark, Slick and Tight
Gigi Allens
Miss Gigi Allens is back and helplessly lovely as ever. Long legs and gorgeous. It all looks great with ropes, especially when the drooling begins. Gigi slips and slides around the couch, enticing the watcher to come and take charge and that lovely knot between her legs gets pulled tighter every time...

Tags: Ball Gag Blonde Cheesecake Crotch Rope - Knotted
wmbcv-0938: Gigi Allens - A Chain of a Dress
Gigi Allens
I know it's cut like one, but I'm not sure I would call that a dress that Gigi is wearing. With her length, it is much more of a shirt. Just the type of outfit that would cause accidents if she were to wear it down Hollywood Blvd. on a busy Saturday night. Good god. Things get spicier when the chains...

Tags: Bit Gag Blonde Chain Cocktail Dress
wmbcv-0953: Gigi Allens - Tight Ball of Fire
Gigi Allens
Here is another first for Gigi - Not the stockings (Gigi is gaga over fully fashioned stockings) - I'm talking about the ball tie. The entire day was really about tying Gigi up so she couldn't move at all and this was the finale. Now some folks really want to see the girl be able to roll around - and...

Tags: Ball Tie Blonde Cheesecake Crotch Rope
wmbcv-0979: Gigi Allens - Can't Move
Gigi Allens
Gigi Allens can’t help but point her pantyhose covered toes when the vibrator gets turned on. The way he has her positioned in the chair with her legs spread wide makes her very vulnerable. Just as she is about to have an orgasm the vibrator turns off. It turns back on and she begins her orgasmic climb...

Tags: Ball Gag Blonde Chair Tie Dress
wmbcv-0990: Gigi Allens - The Crotchrope of Doom
Gigi Allens
Gigi is a complicated gal - you just have to look at her name to understand that - but amoungst her passions, one of her greatest fetish ones is ballet boots and shoes. She told me that she would love to wear them all the time. Somehow, I think that is a bit impractical, but when you are wearing tight...

Tags: Ball Gag Ballet Boots Blindfold Blonde
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