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Models / Angela Sommers

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Angela Sommers Vital Stats:
Height:  5' 7"
Age:  36
Measurements:  36D-25-36
Fun Fact:  Angela had tons of hot lesbo experience on her own before making it into her career at 27
Astrological Sign:  Cancer

The things some girls will do when they’re all alone and looking for some intense mind, body, and vaginal stimulation can boggle the mind. And Angela Sommers will boggle your balls when you see how she gets playful with her roster of fuck toys. This mega babe is so stunning that she makes the phrase "looks that could stop traffic” more than a metaphor. Angela is a platinum blonde killer slut with a full-on Barbie figure. Her epic tits are 36Ds and can withstand intense squeezing and bouncing without losing one bit of their upright perky power. This girl’s vagina is like a breath of fresh springtime air that you’d get addicted to inhaling long before you’re even ready to drink down one drop of her snatch sweat. When Angela gets lonely, she’s quick to call up one of her hot girly friends, who just wait by the phone for her call, anxious to eat out her pussy or lap away at her bunghole. Angela is such an experienced and enthusiastic rug-muncher, she can get any gal juicing, squirming, and squirting in seconds flat, although she often teases them by taking her sweet time down there. This angel face was born in Queens, although today she calls sunny California her home. Angela had tons of hot lesbo experience on her own before making it into her career at 27. That makes it over 5 years of hot girl-on-girl whoredom, all captured on camera for you to check out here,

Angela Sommers Updates

wmbcv-0880: Batgirl vs. Blackwidow - Chapter 1
Angela Sommers , Christina Carter
Black Widow (Christina Carter) is alerted to an intruder. It's BATGIRL! (Angela Sommers). After scaling her way up to Black Widow’s evil lair, Batgirl has sprung an alarm and Black Widow is waiting for her. She slips into her lair only to be caught in Black Widow's sticky trap. "Welcome said the spider...

Tags: Batgirl Boots Brunette Catsuit
wmbcv-0881: Batgirl vs. Blackwidow - Chapter 2
Angela Sommers , Christina Carter
Batgirl (Angela Sommers) awakens to find herself tied in Black Widow's (Christina Carter) "elasto-straps”. They are fiendishly stretchy and sticky straps that are guaranteed to keep her securely helpless. Black Widow begins to play with her prey but finds Batgirl unenthused to say the least. No matter....

Tags: Ball Gag Batgirl Brunette Catsuit
wmbcv-0882: Batgirl vs. Blackwidow - Chapter 3
Angela Sommers , Christina Carter
Having been unmasked in the last chapter, Barbara Gordon (Angela Sommers) finds herself tightly strapped to a slab in Black Widow's (Christina Carter) lair. Black Widow explains to the helpless daredoll that she intends on taking care of her once and for all. She pushes a button on a remote and thick...

Tags: Ball Gag Batgirl Brunette Dilemma
wmbcv-0888: Angela Sommers - The Lady in Red
Angela Sommers
Angela, like most girls loves play dressup. She's been modeling awhile, but she really doesn't get the opportunity all that often to get all dolled up in latex for photoshoots. Mostly they just want her in bikini's and bra/panties type things. This is all well and good, but you know once a girl gets...

Tags: Ball Gag Brunette Cheesecake Cocktail Dress
wmbcv-0894: Angela Sommers - Perfectly Framed
Angela Sommers
What is more sexy than a girl undressed? Well, if you're like me, it would definitely be a girl all dressed up in latex and nylon, just itching to be tied up. That is certainly the case here. Angela got all dolled up, then slid on her silky nylons and then worked her way into the tight latex stockings,...

Tags: Ball Gag Blonde Cheesecake Corset
wmbcv-0922: Angela Sommers - Bamboo-zled
Angela Sommers
It is amazing what a little piece of random bamboo can make to a tie. It not only anchors everything,but it really adds a factor of helplessness that you might overlook. Because it is there, she can't roll over - which really comes into play when she is on her back. It basically turns her into a stuck...

Tags: Ball Gag Bamboo Blonde Corset
wmbcv-0940: Angela Sommers - Helpless
Angela Sommers
She’s tied up on the bed in a helpless position. It’s not exceptionally restrictive but there is nothing she can do to prevent you from doing what you want with her. Oh look he has a vibrator hiding under the pillow just for you Angela! She takes the short time she has to relax while he ties the...

Tags: Ball Gag Blindfold Blonde Corset
wmbcv-0945: Angela Sommers - Pulp Friction
Angela Sommers
This set reminds me a bit of the Uma Thurman in her role in Pulp Friction - Due to the bob hair and the tap pants - although these are obviously very tight latex. This is just another of those very sexy sets of Angela as she struggles and moans. From a cinetography point of view, one of the shots in...

Tags: Ball Gag Brunette Crotch Rope Elbows Together
wmbcv-0961: The Perils of Batgirl - Helping Hands Part 1
Angela Sommers , Diana Knight
Catwoman (Diana Knight) relaxes in her lair with her trusted henchman Manx (Anders), basking in the glory of her latest caper: The theft of a collection of Pierre Chaton vintage fetish high heels. Batgirl is on her tail (something that Catwoman has expected and planned for). Soon she arrives at the...

Tags: Batgirl Brunette Cat Ears Catsuit
wmbcv-1282: Angela Sommers - Barbara Gordon Sinks in Quicksand
Angela Sommers , Candle
Mild mannered librarian Barbara Gordon (Angela Sommers), is dressed in a sheer black nylon teddy and stockings. She awakens to find herself trapped in a small white room. She is laying on a small plank extending out over a floor made of fine reddish sand. How did she get here? What is this stuff? The...

Tags: Brunette Cat Ears Catsuit Catwoman
wmbcv-1292: The Perils of Batgirl - Helping Hands Part 2
Angela Sommers , Diana Knight
There is certainly a long story with this update... but I'll keep it short. I shot this scene as the second part of the "Perils of Batgirl - Helping Hands" update a number of years ago. But my concept of making a peril dancing Batgirl scene was very... well... ambitious. No so much with the concept,...

Tags: Ball Gag Batgirl Catsuit Catwoman
Wmbcv-1363: Perils of Batgirl 1 - Chapter 1
Angela Sommers , Candle
Barbara Gordon (Angela Sommers) arrives home from work to learn that her alter-ego Batgirl, has been named “Sexiest Girl in Gotham City”. She strips out of her dress to reveal a sexy set of black lingerie and sheer stockings. Reading the paper, she learns that Catwoman (Candle) is back on the prowl...



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