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interview: Dee Williams
Dee Williams
In depth interview with bondage girl extraordinaire, Dee Williams

Tags: interview
Updated: wmbcv-0536 - Adv of O-girl and Nylonika - Obsession Chp 14-15
Christina Carter , Dee Williams
In Chapters 14 and 15 of The Adventures of O-girl and Nylonika - Obsession, we find out the fate of our hapless heroines, as they struggle and squirm to escape Lady Lovelace's fiendish quicksand trap!!

Photo Set: wmbc20210331

Tags: Blonde Bodystocking Brunette Coed
wmbcv-0164: Dee Williams - The Yokes on Her
Dee Williams
Last month when Christina was last in town, we all took a trip down to West Hollywood to eat at my favorite Mexican restaurant (best in the world, really). After a lovely meal, we did the tourist thing with a friend visiting from Paris and then paid a visit to The Pleasure Chest on Santa Monica Blvd....

Tags: Bodystocking Brunette Chain Cleave Gag
wmbcv-0329: Dee Williams -Tighter Than
Dee Williams
A really awesome set from Dee Williams here. I wanted to do something with crazy-tight arm ropes, and ended up with just a really memorable set that is really hard to top. Not only is the rope work over the top, but eventually, Dee's crotchrope becomes a rope that weaves through her wrist and feet to...

Tags: Blonde Boots Catsuit Crotch Rope
wmbcv-0361: Kendra James - Enter Nylonika Part 1
Dee Williams , Kendra James
Kendra James makes her very sexy debut as Nylonika, O-girl's shapely superheroine partner in crimefighting. Lounging after a long day at the Capital City Museum, Marie Chersan (Nylonika's alter ego) receives an email inviting her to a photoshoot. She finds the prospect interesting, changes into her Nylonika...

Tags: Ball Gag Bodystocking Boots Cocktail Dress
wmbcv-0374: Kendra James - Enter Nylonika Part 2
Dee Williams , Kendra James
Nylonika (Kendra James) awakens to find herself bound in strange red rubber strips. Angora (Dee Williams), now dressed in her normal kitten outfit, picks up a water bottle and sprays Nylonika down until she is thoroughly moist, then she sits back to enjoy the show. Nylonika realizes something is wrong,...

wmbcv-0394: Adv of O-girl and Nylonika - Obsession - Chapter 2
Anastasia Pierce , Danielle Trixie
Chastity Lansdale (Danielle Trixie) decides to enlist the aid of arch villainess Lady Amanda Lovelace in her plans to get rid of O-girl, Nylonika and the AO girls. She sneaks into Lady Lovelace's hideout, a criminal college for girls fittingly called: The Lovelace College for Girls, only to fall victim...

Tags: Blonde Brunette Catsuit College Girl
wmbcv-0399: Adv of O-girl and Nylonika - Obsession - Chapter 3
Danielle Trixie , Dee Williams
A now very tightly bound Chastity Lansdale (Danielle Trixie) is brought before Lady Lovelace (Diana Knight) by coed Lauren (Darling) to explain why she was caught breaking into the college. Chastity is defiant at first, but after telling her that she could just put her back in the self tangling net,...

Tags: All Natural Ball Gag Blonde Brunette
wmbcv-0444: Dee Williams - Squeaky Tight Boot-tey
Dee Williams
This set came about because Julie wanted to see this corset on Darling. It was made as a Gwendoline tribute - and it looks really great on. Darling loved the way it looked and the way it felt. It's one of those corsets that really constricts - even more than a standard one. The ropes came next and I...

Tags: Ball Gag Blonde Corset Gloves
wmbcv-0450: Adv of O-girl and Nylonika - Obsession - Chapter 9-12
Christina Carter , Danielle Trixie
After an hour of struggling in Lady Lovelace's fiendish sensi-suit, Nylonika's nerve endings are completely raw and every movement is now agony. She still struggles valiantly, but there is no hope - just in the nick of time, O-girl (Christina Carter) arrives to save her. Now informed that Lady Lovelace...

Tags: Blonde Brunette Cleave Gag Coed
wmbcv-0476: Emily Addison - Homage to O-girl - Shriv-tex
Dee Williams , Diana Knight
What's this?!! Emily Addison as O-girl?!! Tied up and utterly helpless in Lady Lovelace's evil Shriv-tex fibers?!! Yes indeed. Emily Addison dons the O-girl outfit for a very special homage to the Cat's Whisker's scene from the 60's Batman show. The big difference between this bondage and the one that...

Tags: Boots Brunette Cheesecake Cleave Gag
wmbcv-0485: Dee Williams - Inside Job
Dee Williams
Dee Williams is super horny today. She requested the dildo panties be used on her. Who is Jim to deny? She starts out with her arms tightly tied together behind her, her legs tied open. She wiggles on her panties making herself wetter and wetter. She makes such sexy noises when she struggles. The drool...

Tags: Ball Gag Blonde Cheesecake Crotch Rope


Hey Jim, how about posting more of Dee's old videos? Bendy girl is so much fun to watch.
Jim Weathers
I will certainly do so.
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