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interview: Kendra James
Kendra James
Kendra bares all in a sexy interview for Bondage Cafe

Tags: interview
Jwv0005: Emily Marilyn and Kendra James - Legs
Emily Marilyn , Kendra James
We invited Kendra and Emily over to shoot together for this new site. We weren't really sure what we were going to shoot but we knew we wanted these two to get hot and bothered. Kendra wanted to wear her newest Agent Provacateur addition and since it looked so great on her we agreed. We wanted Emily...

Tags: Brunette Cheesecake Corset Foot Fetish
Updated: wmbcv-0536 - Adv of O-girl and Nylonika - Obsession Chp 14-15
Christina Carter , Dee Williams
In Chapters 14 and 15 of The Adventures of O-girl and Nylonika - Obsession, we find out the fate of our hapless heroines, as they struggle and squirm to escape Lady Lovelace's fiendish quicksand trap!!

Photo Set: wmbc20210331

Tags: Blonde Bodystocking Brunette Coed
wmbcv-0361: Kendra James - Enter Nylonika Part 1
Dee Williams , Kendra James
Kendra James makes her very sexy debut as Nylonika, O-girl's shapely superheroine partner in crimefighting. Lounging after a long day at the Capital City Museum, Marie Chersan (Nylonika's alter ego) receives an email inviting her to a photoshoot. She finds the prospect interesting, changes into her Nylonika...

Tags: Ball Gag Bodystocking Boots Cocktail Dress
wmbcv-0374: Kendra James - Enter Nylonika Part 2
Dee Williams , Kendra James
Nylonika (Kendra James) awakens to find herself bound in strange red rubber strips. Angora (Dee Williams), now dressed in her normal kitten outfit, picks up a water bottle and sprays Nylonika down until she is thoroughly moist, then she sits back to enjoy the show. Nylonika realizes something is wrong,...

wmbcv-0409: Adv of O-girl and Nylonika - Obsession - Chapter 4-5
Christina Carter , Kendra James
Caroline Charmers, aka O-girl, (Christina Carter), and Marie Chersan, aka Nylonika (Kendra James), are relaxing at home, looking forward to their upcoming boat trip. Both dressed in sexy vintage girdles and fully fashioned stockings, they begin to play with each other and just before Caroline can bring...

Tags: Bed Brunette Corset Dressing
wmbcv-0410: Adv of O-girl and Nylonika - Obsession - Chapter 6
Christina Carter , Emily Addison
Apparel Obsessia girl Kelly Munroe (Emily Addison) is lounging at home when she receives a mysterious package from Apparel Obsessia addressed to her roommate, fellow AO girl Linda Graham. Linda is out of town and Kelly just can't resist opening the package. Inside she finds a gorgeous pink and white...

Tags: Bit Gag Blonde Collar Corset
wmbcv-0420: Emily Addison - Sweet Gwen
Emily Addison , Kendra James
In this very sexy homage to John Willie’s Sweet Gwendoline, Emily Addison is absolutely captivating in the title role. Dressed in a sheer negligee, black fully-fashioned stockings and 6-inch stiletto heels, she is manacled and chained in irons. Zaza (played wonderfully by Kendra) enters and tells Gwendoline...

Tags: Ball Gag Blonde Chain Corset
wmbcv-0431: Adv of O-girl and Nylonika - Obsession - Chapter 7
Diana Knight , Kendra James
Having narrowly saved Apparel Obsessia girl Kelly Munroe from a diabolical shrinking corset, Nylonika (Kendra James) (now disguised as Beverly Downs) takes Kelly's place at a foot fetish shoot with renowned photographer Elizabeth Lange. After showing up late the shoot finally begins, Nylonika lifts...

Tags: Brunette Catsuit Cosplay Dominatrix
wmbcv-0439: Adv of O-girl and Nylonika - Obsession - Chapter 8
Diana Knight , Kendra James
Nylonika (Kendra James) awakes from the effects of the spasma-oil to find herself tightly tied. She is wearing a shiny red catsuit that covers her entire body, including her hands and feet. It turns out that it is actually a Sensi-suit; A fiendish garment that Lady Lovelace has devised that is designed...

Tags: Ball Gag Brunette Catsuit Crotch Rope
wmbcv-0450: Adv of O-girl and Nylonika - Obsession - Chapter 9-12
Christina Carter , Danielle Trixie
After an hour of struggling in Lady Lovelace's fiendish sensi-suit, Nylonika's nerve endings are completely raw and every movement is now agony. She still struggles valiantly, but there is no hope - just in the nick of time, O-girl (Christina Carter) arrives to save her. Now informed that Lady Lovelace...

Tags: Blonde Brunette Cleave Gag Coed
wmbcv-0453: Kendra James - Black Ice, Cold Steel
Kendra James
Kendra was in town this week, but she wasn't really here to work. I was, however able to sneak in a quick evening of bondage. I picked out a shiny black catsuit and a cool vintage silver belt. I took a few cheesecake pictures and then got to the heart of the matter... what sort of bondage was I going...

Tags: Ball Gag Blindfold Catsuit Chain

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