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Models / Emily Addison

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Angela Sommers , Christina Carter
A collection of photoshopped images that are at once proportioned completely out of reality, yet very sexy. The inspiration for these was born out of me comparing my images of Emily Addison as Sweet Gwendoline, against John Willie's original watercolor. I then realized, which I should have long before,...

Tags: Art
wmbc20160310-jw: Danielle Trixie and Emily Addison - Leg-a-Licious
Danielle Trixie , Emily Addison
It's hard not to love Emily Addison's very soft stocking legs. Danielle certainly can't keep her hands off of them. A wonderful setup for the sexy bondage that followed. These two girls look great together... latex and nylon loveliness...

Tags: Blonde Brunette Cheesecake Foot Fetish
wmbcv-0352: Emily Addison - Chained Heat
Emily Addison
Emily came back into town and we had a very interesting day. This set was all about chains, but not the standard large scale chain - I used the gold decorative chain that I picked up downtown. The salesman tried to tell me that they were gold plated, but I'm not that stupid. They weren't cheap, I bought...

Tags: Ball Gag Blonde Chain Cleave Gag
wmbcv-0410: Adv of O-girl and Nylonika - Obsession - Chapter 6
Christina Carter , Emily Addison
Apparel Obsessia girl Kelly Munroe (Emily Addison) is lounging at home when she receives a mysterious package from Apparel Obsessia addressed to her roommate, fellow AO girl Linda Graham. Linda is out of town and Kelly just can't resist opening the package. Inside she finds a gorgeous pink and white...

Tags: Bit Gag Blonde Collar Corset
wmbcv-0420: Emily Addison - Sweet Gwen
Emily Addison , Kendra James
In this very sexy homage to John Willie’s Sweet Gwendoline, Emily Addison is absolutely captivating in the title role. Dressed in a sheer negligee, black fully-fashioned stockings and 6-inch stiletto heels, she is manacled and chained in irons. Zaza (played wonderfully by Kendra) enters and tells Gwendoline...

Tags: Ball Gag Blonde Chain Corset
wmbcv-0441: Emily Addison - A Change of Color
Emily Addison
Emily decided that she was ready for a change - and that change was to abandon the blond and go back to a more understated look. In the process, she seemed to bring a different vibe - or maybe it was just me - I just love the look - and so did Julie, who went a bit crazy with the makeup. Not in a bad...

Tags: Ball Gag Corset Crotch Strap Elbows Together
wmbcv-0462: Soft Surrender - Chapter 1
Danielle Trixie , Emily Addison
Danielle Trixie brings Emily Addisọn over to the Studio under the pretext of giving her a tour, but really she has designs on the unsuspecting Emily. After showing her around the front and suggesting that they try on some sexy outfits, Danielle brings Emily to the back where she has setup a video camera...

Tags: Ball Gag Blonde Brunette Foot Fetish
wmbcv-0470: Soft Surrender - Chapter 2
Danielle Trixie , Emily Addison
Danielle Trixie makes things tighter for Emily Addisọn, exchanging her straps for even tighter black rope. Emily ends up tied helplessly on an ottoman with her feet and toes tied and her elbows pulled tightly together. Emily has realized too late that Danielle has no intention of ending their "game"...

Tags: Ball Gag Blonde Brunette Crotch Rope
wmbcv-0476: Emily Addison - Homage to O-girl - Shriv-tex
Dee Williams , Diana Knight
What's this?!! Emily Addison as O-girl?!! Tied up and utterly helpless in Lady Lovelace's evil Shriv-tex fibers?!! Yes indeed. Emily Addison dons the O-girl outfit for a very special homage to the Cat's Whisker's scene from the 60's Batman show. The big difference between this bondage and the one that...

Tags: Boots Brunette Cheesecake Cleave Gag
wmbcv-0478: Soft Surrender - Chapter 3
Danielle Trixie , Emily Addison
Danielle Trixie takes their bondage game to the next level, strapping Emily Addisọn down to the slab with thick leather belts. She has also added a pair of tight nipple clamps and strapped a powerful vibrator between her legs. Emily's desperate struggles soon turn into helpless ecstasy, as she figures...

Tags: Ball Gag Blonde Boots Brunette
wmbcv-0486: Emily Addison - 'Tis the Season
Emily Addison
'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. Oh, except Emily Addison. She has been left as an offering of sorts to St. Nick himself. Don't worry, though she is tied to the bed, she is certainly not going to be sleeping. Standing in those...

Tags: Ball Gag Brunette Cheesecake Christmas
wmbcv-0487: Soft Surrender - Chapter 4
Danielle Trixie , Emily Addison
Just when Emily Addison thought it couldn't get harder, it does. Dressed in a tight red catsuit and black boots, Emily struggles in seriously stringent bondage. There really isn't anything she can do but struggle and moan as she tries to figure a way out of her reverse prayer hogtie... one of those 'bondages'...

Tags: Ball Gag Blonde Boots Brunette

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