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wmbc20030222-2: Karina - Leg Up
You all know that I love to lift one of Karina's legs above her head. Yep, I've done it before and damnit, I'll probably do it again. It's just so freakin' sexy. Not a lot of girls can do this - I know, because of the other model's reaction when they see sets like this. They all say, "Damn, that's just...

Tags: All Natural Ball Gag Brunette Crotch Rope
wmbc20040828-2: Karina - Nasty Bamboo
I shouldn't really say that the bamboo was nasty... it wasn't. It was the tie that was nasty. The bamboo really wasn't to blame. Karina seems to get herself into these situations over and over - so if you are going to blame anyone - you have to blame her. She is so capable of doing such cool things that...

Tags: All Natural Bamboo Bodystocking Brunette
wmbc20050402-2: Karina - Symmetry
This is one of those ties that I really just so of winged. I knew I wanted to do something with a frog tie, but it quickly turned into this... one of the most symmetrical ties I've done in a long time (more on that later)...The pantyhose are sort of an old fashioned variety - all nylon... which is cool...

Tags: All Natural Brunette Cleave Gag Crotch Rope
wmbc20050827: Office Mates
Karina , Rachel Paine
Here is another tasty set for those that love girls glomming all over each other - or in this case a girl glomming all over another girl. Karina can't exactly glom, she's a little too tied up to do that - but that is what makes this so cool. Nice tight elbows make the bondage world go 'round. Especially...

Tags: Brunette Cheesecake Cleave Gag Crotch Rope
wmbc20060128-2: Karina - Legggs
This set is really all about just how long Karina's legs are... quite amazing eh? Of course you can't really go wrong with a tight corset and high heels can you? :) I remember looking at bad bondage pictures from the 70's where a girl had her wrists tied to her thighs. Almost invariably, she could...

Tags: All Natural Ball Gag Brunette Corset
wmbc20081017: Karina - Kart
Karina is back! Great news indeed. Over the years, Karina has become very near and dear to not just my heart, but to countless numbers of you out there as well. Her life has been evolving, and she doesn't have much time to model, so it was a great day when we decided to setup a shoot a few weeks ago....

Tags: All Natural Ball Gag Brunette Cheesecake
wmbc20090313: Karina - Get Bent
There is always a temptation when Karina come around for an evening of bondage, to put her on feet, in some sort of standing predicament. As an ex-ballet dancer, it is just a given. Here is no exception. Dressed in just a garter belt, RHT stockings, and both ballet shoes and 6" stiletto sandals, she...

Tags: All Natural Ball Gag Ballet Shoes Brunette
wmbc20090626: Karina - Legs
As you are (or will now be aware), Karina recently came out and shot what may be her last sets of pictures for the cafe. I still have some unpublished work that I shot with her over the past couple of years, but this set could well be the last set of pictures I ever get to shoot with her. I guess I should...

Tags: All Natural Ball Gag Brunette Cheesecake
wmbcv-0129: Emily Marilyn and Karina - Spreadable
Emily Marilyn , Karina
What happens when you tie Emily Marilyn into a inescapable spread eagle, and then let slinky Karina have fun with her? Well, you don't have to wonder, because it's all here. Emily, dressed in a sheer body stocking, latex corset and stockings, struggles and squirms as Karina, dressed equally fetchingly...

Tags: All Natural Ball Gag Blonde Body Stocking
wmbcv-1289: The Adv. of O-girl - Black Minx - Chapters 10-11
Dee Williams , Diana Knight
Lady Felina (Diana Knight), Fifi (Karina) and the kittens (Dee Williams and Jewel Evans) wheel in the bondage box containing the newly aquired Dr. Rush (Mary Jane) into the dungeon. They unbox her and find that she is still stubbornly refusing to reveal the formula to her love potion. Lady Felina tells...

Tags: Ball Gag Blonde Bondage Box Crotch Rope
wmbcv-1316: The Adv. of O-girl - Trapped in Time - Ch 1-2
Andrea Neal , Cleo Nicole
O-girl (Andrea Neal) matches wits with the evil Hypnotika (Nicole Sheridan) who plans to rule the world with the Fetish of Sultar - a rare artifact that she uses to put people under her spell. In chapter 1, Hypnotika enlists the aid of a very unwilling Sarah Masterson (Cleo Nicole), and with the help...

wmbcv-1317: The Adv. of O-girl - Trapped in Time - Ch 3-4
Andrea Neal , Karina
The O-girl Trapped in Time story continues. Having secured the Fetish of Sultar, Hypnotika (Nicole Sheridan) lures O-girl (Andrea Neal) to a warehouse, where she promptly uses the incantation she learned from her captive archeologist to put O-girl under a spell. As her wicked henchgirl Trance (Karina)...

Tags: Ball Gag Boots Catsuit Dilemma


Any chance of the bamboo video - the photos look so sexy
Jim Weathers
I'm afraid that there isn't any video of this scene...
As a longtime member can I make a request.....more Karina!!! I"ll take anything you got!!! It is insane how hot she is.
Jim Weathers
I hear ya. I am working on a set with Karina and Emily Marilyn right now.
Any plans to remaster the Perfect Trap videos?
Jim Weathers
Yes - it is on the list. That is going to be a big project, but one that I know folks want to see.
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