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Models / Emily Addison

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Emily Addison Updates

wmbcv-0486: Emily Addison - 'Tis the Season
Emily Addison
'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. Oh, except Emily Addison. She has been left as an offering of sorts to St. Nick himself. Don't worry, though she is tied to the bed, she is certainly not going to be sleeping. Standing in those...

Tags: Ball Gag Brunette Cheesecake Christmas
wmbcv-0487: Soft Surrender - Chapter 4
Danielle Trixie , Emily Addison
Just when Emily Addison thought it couldn't get harder, it does. Dressed in a tight red catsuit and black boots, Emily struggles in seriously stringent bondage. There really isn't anything she can do but struggle and moan as she tries to figure a way out of her reverse prayer hogtie... one of those 'bondages'...

Tags: Ball Gag Blonde Boots Brunette
wmbcv-0496: Soft Surrender - Chapter 5
Danielle Trixie , Emily Addison
Having survived all that Danielle Trixie could throw at her, Emily turns the tables on Danielle, giving her a taste of her own bondage medicine. Emily lets her struggle in the tight ropes for awhile and then enters and plays her; sucking on her toes and fondling her helpless body. She then hogties her...

Tags: Blonde Boots Brunette Catsuit
wmbcv-0505: Soft Surrender - Chapter 6
Danielle Trixie , Emily Addison
Danielle, dressed in a vintage pink girdle and fully fashioned black stockings, find herself tied sitting to a pole on the Girlie-Go-Round. A tight crotchrope is attached over a pulley to a heavy metal ball. Emily sits down next to her and revels in Danielle’s torment. She pulls out a vibrator and...

Tags: Blonde Cleave Gag Crotch Rope Dilemma
wmbcv-0528: Emily Addison, Kendra James & Randy Moore - Chain Reaction
Emily Addison , Kendra James
Emily, Kendra and Randy prove that three isn't always a crowd - especially if the gals in question are as kinky as this trio. The story behind the story? Well, we were at a party at Anastasia Pierce's house on Saturday when someone, and I'm honestly not sure who, recommended that Emily should come by...

Tags: Ball Gag Blonde Brunette Cheesecake
wmbcv-0537: Adv of O-girl - Obsession - Chapters 16-17
Anastasia Pierce , Christina Carter
Across town, Kelly Munroe sit alone in a safehouse, quite bored to tears. She decides that sitting around, reading magazines just isn't what she's interested in, so she grabs a pair of handcuffs, a vibrator, and proceeds to play around a bit. Just as she orgasms, Lady Lovelace and her quite evil co-ed...

Tags: Ball Gag Blindfold Blonde Boots
wmbcv-0555: Adv of O-girl - Obsession - Chapters 18-19
Christina Carter , Emily Addison
After being taken from the safehouse, Kelly Munroe (Emily Addison) finds herself at the manor, bound tightly in bondage, gagged and blindfold, and at the mercy of the deliciously evil co-ed, Holly (Randy Moore). Holly delights in stroking her captive and then bringing her to orgasm, all before informing...

Tags: Ball Gag Blindfold Coed Cosplay
wmbcv-0607: Adv of O-girl - Obsession - Chapters 20 & 21
Diana Knight , Emily Addison
True to her word, as soon as Lady Lovelace returned, she instructed Holly to bring the tightly bound Kelly Munroe, down to the dungeons below the manor. There, sitting on her throne, she takes stock of Kelly, tightly bound in white rope. Holly explains that she is an orgasm machine, and that the tighter...

wmbcv-0680: Adv of O-girl - Obsession - Chapter 22
Danielle Trixie , Diana Knight
Lady Lovelace (Diana Knight) is lounging in her boudoir, intently watching Kelly Munroe (Emily Addison) helplessly strapped to her fiendish deny-her table. She plays with herself as she watches the helpless Apparel Obsessia (AO) girl struggle and squirm, unable to achieve orgasm. The phone rings and...

Tags: All Natural Ball Gag Blonde Brunette
wmbcv-0684: Emily Addison - Lock Step
Emily Addison
Here is an interesting set of Emily. The red and black outfit is quite festive, although not specifically meant that way. As with things like this, the tie wasn't exactly expected - Emily just put her feet together for one of the pics and we both thought - wow, wouldn't that be fun - but how to tie it?...

Tags: Brunette Cheesecake Frog Tie Gloves
wmbcv-0700: The Adv of O-girl and Nylonika - Obsession - Chapter 23
Emily Addison , Randy Moore
Evil Coed Holly (Randy Moore) has removed poor Kelly Munroe (Emily Addison) from the diabolical deny-her table and encased her arms in a stretchy, yet quite inescapable pvc singleglove. Kelly struggles and complains that it's too tight, but Holly simply tells her that if she keeps complaining, she'll...

Tags: armbinder Ball Gag Blonde Brunette
wmbcv-0709: Emily Addison - Slab City
Emily Addison
Emily is strapped down to the slab. She can wiggle her toes and fingers but that's about it. She begs to be untied as she struggles against her restraints. "Please help me. Pretty please." Jim helps her alright! He shoves a gag in her mouth to help muffle her begging. Her legs are spread and a vibrator...

Tags: Bit Gag Blindfold Brunette Cheesecake

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