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Models / Randy Moore

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Randy Moore Updates

wmbcv-0738: Curious Obsession 2 - Chapter 6
Angela Sommers , Randy Moore
Randy finds herself tied tightly on her knees. A vibrator's been tied between her legs. Angela enters wearing a large pink strap-on dildo and carrying a remote control for the vibrator. She teases and torments Randy. The remote allows her to turn the intensity of the vibrator up and down making Randy...

Tags: Blonde Corselette Crotch Rope Dildo
wmbcv-0558: ReConnection 2 - Chapter 1
Christina Carter , Randy Moore
The girls reunite after years of being apart. They certainly are excited to see each other. They decide to make it a play date but who gets to be in control first? Let's flip a coin says Christina. Imagine that - She won the coin toss! Poor Randy is now at the mercy of Christina and her devilish plan....

Tags: Ball Gag Blonde Brunette Catsuit
wmbcv-0737: Curious Obsession 2 - Chapter 5
Angela Sommers , Randy Moore
It's been a long day and now it's bedtime. Randy and Angela crawl into bed. Angela asks Randy if she always wears stockings to bed. Randy explains only for her. They girls kiss and then fall asleep in each other's arms. Angela however, is not sleeping. She waits until Randy is fully asleep then grabs...

Tags: Ball Gag Blonde Elbows Together Garter Belt
wmbcv-0736: Curious Obsession 2 - Chapter 4
Angela Sommers , Randy Moore
Randy is on the couch and Angela is standing in front of her. Ballgagged and helplessly strapped into a tight purple singleglove. Randy makes Angela give her a lapdance - and Angela complies, gyrating and rubbing herself on Randy. Randy uses the drool coming out of her mouth to masturbate as she watches....

Tags: Ball Gag Blonde dancing Elbows Together
wmbcv-0293: Ladies Boat Trip - Chapter 1
Darby Daniels , Mary Jane
Darby, Mary Jane and Rachel Paine, bring Randy Moore out on their annual house boat trip. Rachel hands out the fetish wear, and Randy soon discovers the true purpose of the boat trip. Lots of bondage. Having never been tied up before, the girls make sure she finds out right away. Tied up an helpless,...

Tags: All Natural Brunette Cleave Gag Foot Fetish
wmbcv-0735: Curious Obsession 2 - Chapter 3
Angela Sommers , Randy Moore
Angela wakes in the morning to find Randy gone. She puts on a robe and heads downstairs. In the kitchen is a note saying that she's been called into the office and will be a couple of hours. She tells Angela there are clothes in the closet and to make herself at home. Angela takes a look in the closet...

Tags: Ball Gag Blonde Catsuit Corselette
wmbcv-0734: Curious Obsession 2 - Chapter 2
Angela Sommers , Randy Moore
In the 2nd chapter in the sizzling series, "Curious Obsession 2", As much fun as they are, Randy decides that her bondage games would be even better if she had someone else to play with. She asks her friend Angela to go shopping and when they return home, Randy gently rubs Angela's pantyhose feet, which...

Tags: Blindfold Blonde Foot Fetish Girl / Girl
wmbcv-0733: Curious Obsession 2 - Chapter 1
Randy Moore
Randy is feeling frisky. She gets dolled up in her brand new latex corset ensemble and walks downstairs to her special room. Her secret room. Where, waiting for her is her automated self bondage table that she quickly straps herself into. She places her hands in the binding straps at her ankles and wrists....

Tags: Ball Gag Blonde Corselette Gloves


Patrick O’Ryan
First of all, thanks for all the great content (long time first time haha) Secondly: I’m remembering an update with Ms. Moore, in a black catsuit I believe, and a Gwendolyn Hood. If it’s a figment of my imagination, disregard lol, but if I’m remembering correctly, and it does exist, is there any chance of getting it uploaded? Thank you, either way
Jim Weathers
Yep - I did that a couple of times. the first was without video - and then I re-did the scene with video. I will certainly be posting that shortly.
Hello, I was wondering when did Randy officially retire? Do you know of future plans you could share with her fans? Thank you for your time, and all of your and the models hard work.
Jim Weathers
I honestly don’t know, but I can say she is going to play a role in the new Batgirl movie that I’m shooting in late December.
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